The requirements and questions of entrepreneurs have changed
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Are you (starting) entrepreneur looking for more information of POS, sales & management tools for your business?

Would you like to have a demo of the easy to use A-to-Z software for restaurants, food shops & retailers?

Please contact us or one of our resellers now so we can organise a meeting, demo, quote or order.

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Resellers and partners

POSGARD will focus more on both online & offline marketing campaigns.

We would love to receive your partner concept proposal to set up mutual campaigns. POSGARD will stay supporting resellers in organising (stands on) exhibitions and comparable or alternative campaigns. This is one of the possible resources to introduce the power and added value of the POSGARD solutions to customers and leads.

Contact us now for more information or sending your partner proposal.

Exhibitions & fairs

The POSGARD team has decided not to participate anymore at exhibitions & fairs as from January 5th 2018.

The requirements and questions of entrepreneurs have changed and majority of exhibition organisers obviously have not developed to comply to these expectations. An important demand of entrepreneurs and our team is that suppliers of comparable products and services are located next to each other enabling an easy and clear overview for visitors of exhibitions. Next to this several exhibitions execute a non-transparent allocation management of stands.
POSGARD chooses for more effective ways of the objective and honest interaction between customer and supplier.

Contact us now for more information or for proposing a partner proposal.

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