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Connect24-7 integrates the payment methods relevant for your customers in your POS system, webshop and/or kiosk. Customers are not really interested in actual payments. What really matters is a seamless and secure order in which different payment methods are integrated. Connect24-7 organizes orders including payments! Benefit from the competitive tariffs negotiated for you by Connect24-7.

Payments expertise

International payments expertise with local preferences

Our partners are global players with lots of experience in payment terminal, online and mobile payments. Local payment preferences of your customers is what matters to you. Connect24-7 makes sure that relevant payment methods are integrated in your own sales channels: the POS system, webshop and/or kiosk.

Order now our smart POS software possibly in combination with the webshop or other apps in order to serve your customers even better and to benefit from the lowest payment tariffs in the market.


Payment terminal

Convenience & hygiene

More and more people prefer card payments over cash payments. Hygiene plays an increasingly important role in the experience of your business by the consumer, especially in restaurants & food shops. For the customer it is not OK to prepare food with the same hands receiving cash payments, even when cleaning hands between all operations. Businesses which do not accept bank or credit card payments miss out an increasing part of potential customer base. Connect24-7 negotiates competitive tariffs for you.

Fixed or mobile

Customers pay fast and secure with a fixed or mobile payment terminal in your business. The fixed payment terminal is connected with the Connect24-7 POS system so the amount of the order is sent directly to the payment terminal. Extra handling no more.

The mobile payment terminals are mainly used in restaurants to offer customer to pay at the table. But also more and more take-away restaurants are delivering at the home or office of customer. The customer appreciates the service of payment at delivery. Next to this couriers carry less cash money decreasing the chance of a robbery or loss.

Competitive tariffs

The payment terminals can be bought or rented. Connect24-7 has negotiated competitive tariffs for you thanks to our reliable partners.

When you already have a payment terminal of Verifone or SagePay or another supplier it is worthwhile to switch to the payment terminal of Connect24-7 when you process more than 3 transactions per day. Most payment terminal suppliers charge 14 – 20p /transaction and higher credit card percentages from 1,2 – 2,75%. If you have any questions on the high transaction costs and would like to know where the margins are: please contact your current payment terminal provider.

The future of today

The payment future of today shows that the part of debit card transactions and the wish of consumers to pay cashless is increasing rapidly. Many experts expect that in 2016 40% of all payment transactions are done with debit card and that 15% is paid with credit card.

Rely on the Connect24-7 services and make sure that you do not have to miss any purchase by potential customers!


A matching robust security stand to be fixed on a desk is available for £ 55,-

  • Payment terminal draws more attention
  • More secure & robust operation
  • Customer can pay with more convenience
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Payment machine

Businesses which still receive lots of cash, Connect24-7 offers a payment machine connected with the POS system. The payment machine receives and returns both coin as paper money from customers. It is also possible to connect a payment terminal in order to serve customers who want to pay with debit or credit cards. Payment machines are advised to be installed in combination with the Connect24-7 POS software.


Successful supermarkets, bakeries and butchers already noticed that they can save on the handling of receiving cash payments. The payment machine takes care of the taking, counting and returning cash money to the customer. This frees labour capacity for taking more orders per employee. A payment machine can already be economically viable for businesses which have 1 or a limited number of employees.


The customer experience is becoming increasingly important. A considerable part of the customers simply do not accept anymore that food is processed without plastic gloves and that the cash money of customers is received by the same hands preparing food products. A payment terminal or machine takes care that staff does not have physical contact with the payment method of the customer. The payment machine takes care that this also applicable for cash payments.


Are you often not present in your business for example because you manage multiple locations? Do you often lose money in the POS system? The professional payment machine secures receiving and returning payments of your customers.


As payment machines are economically viable for businesses dealing with many cash payments and planning to execute an optimal staff planning scheme, proper maintenance of payment machines are essential to prevent machine outfall. Local resellers of Connect24-7 offer professional installation & maintenance support and services or the payment machine can be maintained by yourself.

Payment machine Toshiba hygiene cash coins paper money

Online payments

Connect24-7 offers both basic as premium payment methods in your webshop for take-away and/or delivery orders: allow your customers at home or at work to pay with relevant debit and credit cards in order to optimise the customer experience in the so called checkout of the ordering process.

ActiveDebit cardsCredit cards
Ingenico - Ogoneglobal

Mobile payments

Connect24-7 offers payment systems allowing your customers to pay with their smartphone at the Connect24-7 POS system, kiosk, payment terminal and in the webshop. The POS systems and connected payment methods are ready for the future of today.


Your own payment system

Are you interested in offering your customers your own payment system resulting in less process costs for you, less manual handling and less stress? Resulting in a better relationship with your customers?

Connect24-7 offers you your own payment system, with whom customers can pay with individual customer cards at the POS system or with the individual profile in the webshop.

Customer recharges her own lunch or VIP credit with cash at the POS system or with online payment or bank transfer via your website. Then customer pays with her credit at the POS system by scanning the customer card or entering the code of the customer card in the webshop. The customer card can be connected automatically to the profile of the customer in the POS system or by the customer herself in the webshop.

You only have to check the credits and payments of customers in a clear overview in your back-office management dashboard.

Customer cards savings campaign

Reward your customers by offering a customer cards savings campaign, for example:

  • A discount percentage - for example 5% - of the total purchase amount of a number of purchases by customer - for example 10 purchases or
  • A fixed amount – for example £2 - at a certain number of purchases

The % discount is regarded as being most honest by both consumers as restaurants & food shops: the more products purchased, the more discount received!

The personalised customer cards are the new form of advertising and marketing!
On average 40% of customers frequently uses the customer cards.

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