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Customers are able to easily find and order your products via professional webshops developed by Connect24-7. Customer prefers a clear overview and choice of payment methods, delivery options and possible loyalty program.


Appealing design on all PCs and smartphones

Connect 24-7 provides fully responsive websites for our clients. Our design is easily readable and usable on all PC’s, tablets and smartphones. The stylish design and layout framework will be adapted to your personal branding.

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Professional tool for the growth market of take-away meals

Consumers aged 20 to 40 years more and more lack the time or will to cook for themselves. Take-away and delivery markets for meals are the emerging business in Europe and beyond. When you have additional capacity in your kitchen then it could be interesting to integrate in your website a professional webshop for take-away meals. Connect24-7 being market leader has most experience in developing easy-to-use webshops for restaurants and food shops. Connect24-7 has customers in Belgium and the Netherlands which receive up to 80 orders per day via their own webshop, for take-away and delivery. For take-away only it can go up to 30 orders per day.

Many research has proven that most consumers are not willing to download individual restaurant applications onto their smartphone. The most prevalent order type is when a consumer types in the name of your restaurant or food shop in Google, in the hopes of quickly finding your restaurants individual website. Benefit from this development and contact us now to make an appointment. APPs which are successful right now are mobile applications for banks, social media and national APPs like Grubhub, JustEat, etc.

Mobile APP

In case you want to offer an APP to your customers we offer you great looking and highly effective mobile application. Our biggest advantage compared to individual mobile app developers is that our APP is connected with your personal dashboard and other tools: with the service provided by Connect24-7 you only have to manage 1 personal back-office dashboard for all your important applications like POS system, webshop, loyalty cards and APP.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Connect24-7 makes sure to integrate the most relevant payment methods, you are able to choose which one you would like to activate. Connect24-7 integrates preferred payment solutions in your webshop so your customers are able to choose their preferred payment methods:

  • Bank cards
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Payment with payment terminal at delivery or take-away
  • Payment via your own payment solutions – by Connect24-7
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal
  • Cash

An increasing number of consumers have a structural lack of cash to buy spontaneously. For example ; the majority of payments in Sweden and Denmark is already cashless. Maybe you haven’t yet noticed that these consumers are avoiding shops that do not offer card payments. In high speed new types of payment solutions are introduced which mostly have high transaction costs for you (Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.) however there are also initiatives which are affordable and actually save costs for shop owners – less cash payments, less theft, less declining of a sale.

By the way, customers are not really interested in the variety of payment methods, they just want to be able to place their order in the most convenient and quickest way possible, to which end they choose the payment option that fits them best. This is called the perfect ‘checkout’. Connect24-7 offers just standard this checkout for you and your customers!

Because Connect24-7 negotiates tariffs at different payment providers you are able to enjoy sharp priced tariffs per transaction. Online and mobile payments are charged for a fixed low fee per payment. Mostly a monthly service fee is charged by payment provider for service and support. Connect24-7 charges a low one-tm tariff plus monthly fee for integration and support. Newcomers to the payment provider market offer most competitive tariff and service fee. Every payment provider needs to offer a minimally good service to survive in this competitive market.

Tariffs of online payments are generally more expensive than payment terminal tariffs. Reason is increased security and insurance which is more costly. Contact us for possibilities and sharp priced tariffs.

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More and more consumers prefer their purchased goods and food to be delivered at home or at work. When you have your own couriers or you organise delivery to your customers via Connect24-7, a webshop developed by Connect24-7 guarantees a controlled and user-friendly customer experience.

Connect24-7 offers an easy-to-use back-office dashboard which enables quickly adapting:

  • Postcodes or delivery zones – sandwich bars also via routes
  • Minimal order amount for free delivery and/or delivery cost per individual postcode
  • Type of payment at delivery: cash, online payment (required or not) and/or payment per mobile payment terminal
  • Specific payment method to be set per individual customer or company

All-in-1 price

All-in-1 price

All costs of hosting, professional e-mail address, maintenance, licences and support are included in our webshop fee. There will be no unpleasant surprises awaiting you. Because the Connect24-7 team keeps on maintaining and integrating relevant innovations in the webshop you choose for either yearly or monthly hosting, license & support. If you would still like to do a one-time investment then this is negotiable.



Advertisement by partners

Advertisment for your website and webshop via partners like – completely free and exclusively for Connect24-7 partners.


Customer cards

Customer cards module

In order to reward your customers for their loyalty and to stimulate their return and spending, the customer cards system is the most accepted marketing tool. Customer cards can be compared with luxurious business cards personalised to your own branding. It’s the new way of marketing. On average 40% of customers is using the customer card! Compared to advertisements in magazines and newspapers, flyers or brochures this way of loyalty promotion is most valued by consumer.

Every customer card has its unique code which customer uses to identify in your webshop. One-time registration of customer card code to the personal profile of the customer in webshop makes sure that the customer does not even have to use their customer card anymore. When logged in, points or discounts will be rewarded automatically to each of your customers orders. Ultimate ease-of-use for customer! Customers are able to saves points or discounts of your own created loyalty promotion campaign with each order in webshop as well as in-store by getting customer card scanned at checkout at POS terminal.

Connect24-7 has proprietarily developed the system and integrated it in the dashboard, webshop and POS system so you can check everywhere on smartphone or laptop how many points or discount have been saved. Customers can check their points and/or discount via your website.

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Invoicing & billing software

When you deliver to companies or organise events for enterprises, you are confronted with additional administration. Connect24-7 offers automated invoicing software integrated in your webshop:

  • Allowing or blocking specific companies for payment via invoicing
  • Invoices are made automatically in separate invoicing software
  • Manually adapt invoices in invoicing software
  • Managing list of contact persons and contact details like name, address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Sending invoices directly via e-mail or post
  • Possibility to integrate in Connect24-7 POS system
  • Possibility offering payment method to companies via credit on individual customer cards
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Discount module

Connect24-7 webshop allows you to apply specific discounts at products:

  • Discount percentages only valid in your own webshop
  • Specifically setting per delivery type, for example 10% discount at take-away and 5% at delivery
  • Excluding discount at certain categories of products for example promo menus or other promotions
  • Specific discount setting per customer
  • Specific discount codes for your customers, partners or relations managed by yourself


Group & credit module optional – for sandwich bars or take-away restaurants

The group & credit module is used for the bundling of orders of individual customers like for example employees of a company or friends for a pizza party.

  • Charging lunch or pizza credit on customer card or online profile customer
    • Via bank transfer or online payment via your webshop
    • Via cash payment at POS terminal
  • Automated charging per order – order amount is charged automatically from user’s credit
  • User can enter individual time resp. amount which reminder is sent for placing an order resp. charging new credit
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Personal dashboard

You will use your personal back-office dashboard in order to easily and quickly accessing information about :

  • Products, descriptions and prices
  • Personal data like telephone number, e-mail address, address, etc.
  • Opening hours
  • Holiday settings

One dashboard for management of all relevant information enabling your customers to always have insight into the accurate information, latest suggestions and news. You will create reports with 1 click showing you a quick visual overview of your sales, company and customers data.

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As a standard you get a visual overview of your turnover and number of transactions via different sales channels – POS system, webshop and possible partner marketplaces.

Create your own clear reports, Excel files and prints of:

  • Revenues per week, month or for longer periods
  • Customers
  • Customer credits
  • Marketing campaigns

Connect24-7 also develops customised reports for you. Please contact us for more information on opportunities to get even better insight in your sales & company data.

Adapting data

Adapting data via dashboard

Take-away or delivery times manually adaptable in POS system or sales software

Put your products in POS terminal temporarily on ‘in-active’ when certain products are out-of-stock or put your entire webshop in dashboard on ‘in-active’ for example when number of orders or work pressure are overwhelming.

Easy-to-use back-office dashboard for quickly adapting:

  • Products, descriptions and prices
  • Opening hours webshop - take-away and/or delivery
  • VAT percentages per product and type of delivery – consumption at location, take-away, delivery
  • Uploading picture per product
  • Delivery:
    • Postcode or delivery zone – sandwich bars also via routes
    • Minimal order amount for free delivery and/or delivery cost per postcode
    • Type of payment at delivery: online payment (required or not) and/or payment per mobile payment terminal

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