Stay independent

Stay independent

Gather data in your own customer database and see the value of your business grow with £25.000,-

Take your own responsibility and manage all customers’ data yourself with the independent Connect24-7 management & sales tools. More and more order and reservation platforms bring new customers, which is good for your business. However these 3rd party platforms gather your customers’ data in order to make their own platform more important. Many platforms and market places offer so-called own modules to be put on your own website. It is a fact that most orders and table reservations are realised via your own website, so make sure you control your own tools.

Be sure to collect your customers’ data as this is your own data. Provide your own tools to your customers via your own website. Order & reservation platforms are good at bringing in new customers, get them to offer these new customers via their own platforms! The Connect24-7 modules offer you the opportunity to develop your own independent customer database.

The independant support tools for your business!
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