Up-to-date website

Up-to-date websites

Consumers expect to find online a clear overview of products, prices and service you offer them. Stylish and modern design that looks great on all PCs, tablets and smartphones.


Consumer quickly wants to find the right information

Most important reason why 65% of consumers are searching for information online – on the internet – is that they quickly want to have a clear and up-to-date overview of the products and service you offer them. You can regard a website as a very efficient salesperson which opens your business 24/7 – sort of an online vitrine. Next to this it is very convenient for customers to place orders and/or reservations via your website.

Big advantage of your own website developed by Connect24-7 is that customers always see up-to-date menu or product list on your website with accurate products and prices.

You can change your menu or product list easily via the user-friendly personal dashboard. With just 1 click on ‘save’ all concerned products, descriptions, prices, opening hours, closing days, etc. are adapted on your website and possibly the POS system.


Responsive & SEO

Design and SEO which looks great on all PCs and smartphones

Websites developed by Connect24-7 are characterised by stylish and modern design that looks great on all PCs, tablets and smartphones. This responsive design – which adapts to the dimensions of the screen on which the website is activated – is developed and maintained with latest relevant technologies. This is the reason for high scores in search engines like Google and Bing – a high SEO score which means search engine optimization. Because Connect24-7 always uses relevant technologies products will not age. You always will be on top of latest trends.

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Ease of use

Ease of use for customers, staff and you

Connect24-7 develops professional websites with the main goal to be very user-friendly for end users – your customers! An example of this is that the phone number of your website is directly clickable. The phone number will be called immediately after double-clicking from the smartphone of customer. We are dedicated in this field if necessary and for instance will discourage music to be played automatically on your website because we know that more than 80% of consumers hate this. Concerning design of websites it would raise false hopes to expect 100% satisfied customers as design is subjective. We maintain consistently a 95% customer satisfaction score in this field.



Every website is uniquely developed based on proprietarily Connect24-7 technology. Specific customization of the design of your website, a large number of (sub) pages, your logo or applications are possible. After 1, 2 or 3 years you can always change the design. We charge Eur 15 per 15 minutes for this because we offer a valuable lot of specialist work for you in mostly limited time. As from the start we are clear about the investments you have to make.

You prefer to work with your own design specialist?

No problem. When you have your own design specialist you can have her or him do the design in conformity with your business’ brand style. We integrate your design in the lay-out of the website framework or provide the Connect24-7 apps which your website developer integrates in your website.

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You will be responsible for the content of your website – products, descriptions, pictures, etc. The website will be developed based on the Connect24-7 technology and platform and licensed to you on a yearly basis comparable with international guidelines for domain names. Your website will be placed online under your domain name – URL - which is registered on your own name. Connect24-7 takes care of all administration and hosting if necessary.

All-in-1 price

All-in-1 price

Hosting, domain name, a professional e-mail address, licenses and support are included in the website fee. There will be no surprises for you. Because the Connect24-7 team continuously maintains and improves the innovative quality of the websites in order to fulfil high customer requirements you choose yearly or monthly hosting, license & support. In case you prefer to do a one-time investment than this is negotiable.




Connect24-7 and our resellers design stylish and clear design supporting your successful advertising of your website, promotions and takeaway and/or delivery service:

  • Website - SEO
    Stylish, informative websites which are easily found on Google and look great on all PCs, tablets and smartphones –the successful Connect24-7 sales & management apps are easy to integrate: table reservations, webshop, customer cards, payments, group & credit modules, etc.
  • Customer cards
    Personalised customer cards in your own brand identity - equipped with unique QR codes for individual customers
  • FoOodMan
    Promotion of your website, table reservations, webshop and customers cards via FoOodMan.com - completely free and exclusive for Connect24-7 partners
  • Logo design
    Based on the type of your business and requirements stylish company logos are designed - including commercial rights
  • Premium business cards & flyers
    Premium business cards and flyers in conformity with your branding

If you are looking for design, lay-out and printing of your menu, for example for the menu in your restaurant or flyers handing out to consumers, we would like to refer you to our local resellers specialised in graphic design.

Search engine advertising - Adwords

Connect24-7 and our resellers support you with setting up Goodle Adwords or re-targeting campaigns, in case this is valuable for your business. We or our local resellers support you with setting up the campaign, you will take over the budgets and adaptation of the content yourself resulting in no additional costs, or trust this service to the local resellers.

Google Adwords means placing advertisements in Google. This results in even better search results of your business on Google and a strong independent position in the food market.

Re-targeting campaigns means developing and placing banners on websites which your customers are visiting. This results in an even stronger relationship with your customers and in more sales.

E-mail newsletters targeted at specific customers

Based on different analyses of advertising in the market it has been proven that approaching specific targeted customers via e-mail is one of the most successful ones. Receiving promotions via SMS is regarded as too pushy by many customers.

In the Connect24-7 management dashboard you easily can:

  • Compose e-mail newsletters in your own design
  • Make selections of customers who you would like to target with a specific newsletter or promotion - for instance all customers who ordered red wine in order to send a newsletter about the new selection of red wines and
  • Sending e-mails in conformity with European legislation – e-mail with possibility to unsubscribe by receiver – or sending from your own e-mail newsletter program or e-mail address

The advantage of a mobile app vs. sending e-mails is that the customer herself can indicate/set the possibility to receive messages with for example information on promotions valid for a couple of hours. Please contact us for more information about your own mobile app.


Webshop integrated into website

More than 30% of consumers prefer to quickly order a lunch, meal or groceries for take-away or delivery via an easy-to-use webshop. Connect24-7 develops professional webshops which also are easy-to-use on all devices including smartphones. Big advantage of a webshop by Connect24-7 is that the webshop can be directly connected to the POS system. That makes an order to be printed automatically at the POS terminal and/or kitchen printer within 30 seconds after an order is placed by the customer. In this case you do not have to check anymore your e-mail or fax, all orders are coming directly out of the POS and/or kitchen printer. Of course it is standard procedure that all orders are sent to you also by e-mail, just in case you would like to check incoming orders on your smartphone, for instance if there would be an internet availability issue in your business.

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Reservation app integrated into website

As from 2015 more than 40% of all table reservations will be placed via smartphones. Connect24-7 integrates a user-friendly reservation app on your website which can be connected to the POS system. In this way you can manage your tables on 1 screen – in your dashboard on your smartphone or laptop PC and/or on the POS terminal. Customer reservations from both telephone as website can be quickly linked to specific tables at the table plan. Big advantage of the reservations app on your own website is that the customers themselves choose the actual reservation and fill in necessary data like name, telephone number and e-mail address. You will have more time to prepare the restaurant for your guests. This will enable you to increase your customer database and so the value of your business.

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Customer cards

Customer cards system

When you want to reward your customers for their loyalty and stimulate them to come back more often while buying more we recommend to implement the customer cards system. The customer cards can be compared with premium business cards customised to your brand style. Simply put, it is the new form of marketing. On average 40% of the customers uses the customer card! Compared to ads, flyers or brochures this way of advertising is most appreciated by consumers.

Customer can register the customer card on your own website. Perfect ease of use for the customer! Customer earns points or discounts with each order in webshop or purchase in your business by scanning the customer card at the POS terminal. Connect24-7 has developed the system in such a way that the system is integrated in the dashboard, the POS system, the website and even the webshop. So customers can earn points or discounts with each purchase while you can see everywhere in the system how many points or discounts have been earned. Customer can follow her earnings via your own website.

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Promotion app

Do you offer daily, weekly or monthly specials? Or do you offer your customers promotions? Connect24-7 has developed the promotion app in order to show the concerned specials directly on your website - on the homepage or on a specific page on the website. You can manage promo products easily via your personal dashboard. After clicking on ‘save’ specials will be on your website but also in your POS terminal or digital signage screen so all information is always accurate and up-to-date and you will never loose time or details. Customers really appreciate daily specials or promotions on your own website resulting in more website visits and more loyal customers. Adding daily specials in the form of pictures on your Facebook page integrated by us in your website will further increase interactions with your customers.


Social media

Social media

Connect24-7 integrates social media feeds on your website. For example you regularly update your Facebook page with pictures and news. Connect24-7 makes sure that these pictures and updates are directly visible in your website. Adding content on Facebook at one time means showing the content both on Facebook as on your own website!

Social media integration – Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor, Yelp, etc.



Personal dashboard

Personal dashboard for quickly and easily changing:

  • Products, descriptions and prices
  • Personal data like telephone number, e-mail address, address, etc.
  • Opening hours
  • Holidays

Eén dashboard dus voor het beheren van alle relevante informatie zodat uw klanten altijd beschikken over de laatste informatie, suggesties en nieuwtjes.

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European allergens legislation as from December 13th 2014

Connect24-7 has first in the market developed technology for processing relevant allergens information in personal dashboard of restaurants and food shops. You as an owner or manager can leave the service safely to your staff. If required customers find relevant information on ingredients and/or possible presence of allergens in your website. Also when taking orders at tables with the WaiterAPP staff has insight in latest information on possible presence of allergens in meals and specials. Just like your website the WaiterAPP is connected with the personal dashboard, the heart of all (allergens) data.



The back-office management dashboard – offered standard to you – provides visual, Excel and PDF overviews on:

  • Sales revenue or number of transactions of different sales channels – POS system, webshop and possible 3rd party market places – check your progress in one view
  • Sales revenue broken down in revenue per:
    • Employee
    • Courier - in case of delivery
    • Tax percentage - food, drinks, consumption in restaurant, takeaway, delivery
    • Payment method - cash, debit, credit, local credit, etc.

Create your own clear reports, Excel or PDF files and prints of:

  • Turnover per day, week, month or longer periods
  • Customers and their transactions & reservations
  • Orders & reservations via different sales channels – POS system, webshop, 3rd party market places
  • Customer credits – on customer cards or online profile
  • Best sold products – list of all products sold in descending order
  • Umbrella account for multiple locations – food retail chain
  • Marketing campaigns

Connect24-7 also develops customised reports for you. Please contact us to receive more information on the possibilities to gain even more visual insight in your sales, stock, supplier & company data.

Benefit from the expertise and modern design of Connect24-7 websites
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