Your personal dashboard


Manage your shop efficiently via your personal dashboard on your
smartphone or laptop – always up-to-date with 1 click with your POS system,
website, orders, reservations, customer cards system, promotions, digital signage, etc.

Up-to-date at once

In één keer up-to-date

Connect24-7 is the market leader in fully integrated sales & management apps for restaurants & food shops. Because all software has been proprietarily developed by Connect24-7 we are able to offer you best quality, correct service and sharp prices. Your personal dashboard is the heart of the Connect24-7 software as you manage and control all possible sales & management apps efficiently. You decide which apps you prefer to use.

One thing for sure: Connect24-7 is future proof so you always will be on top of relevant technologies and trends. We offer you the guarantee that Connect24-7 technology does not age because we continuously innovate, develop and update relevant apps for you. We make sure you can link your Connect24-7 system to an increasing number of relevant products and services of partners, payment methods, marketplaces of orders & reservations, supplier & wholesale sourcing, etc.

Log in via your smartphone, tablet or laptop in your personal dashboard at Connect24-7 to be up-to-date with 1 click at once with your POS system, website, orders, reservations, customer card system, promotions, digital signage, etc.

Content Management

Change data in your personal dashboard quickly & easily:

- Products, categories, suggestions, descriptions and prices

Add a new product or category in 1 click. Or change an existing product:

  • Name
  • Price
  • Description shown on website or in menu app
  • Possible specific availability – for example when you only offer dame blanche on Wednesday
  • Applicable sales tax rate
  • Picture of product

Because of our integrated approach after changing data in your dashboard you click 1 time on ‘save’. 20 seconds later the change will be realised in both your POS system, website, webshop, menu app or even at possible external partners. Adding changes to your personal dashboard means adding changes at once directly to different Connect24-7 apps plus possible applications of partners you work with and which Connect24-7 is connected with. Examples of partners are payment providers and marketplaces for orders like and JustEat. You decide which apps you prefer to use!

- Personal information like phone number, e-mail address, address, etc.

Keep your personal data always accurate and up-to-date so your contact information on your website and possible external marketplaces are always up-to-date.

- Opening hours

You manage opening hours of your business and webshop in your dashboard. These are always kept up-to-date on your website and possibly for your external partners. Only add or change data once so data is always up-to-date for customers and partners in the network.

- Closing days & holidays

You can quickly add your additional closing days and holidays in the dashboard enabling them to be directly shown on your website. Optionally you can automatically send an e-mail to your customers to inform them about your business being closed for a couple of days. When you operate a webshop and/or customer card system you automatically gather contact data of your customers and develop your own customer database. This will allow you to easily send updates on opening & closure of your business to all of them. Increase the value of your customer service and your business.

- Data insights

Quickly create an overview and details of:

  • Orders
  • Reservations
  • Payments
  • Customer data
  • Customer credits
  • Earned points or discounts
  • Group orders
  • Invoices

Control management - Reports


The dashboard provides you with a visual overview of turnover and number of transactions in different sales channels – POS system, webshop and possible partner marketplaces. This allows you to check your progress in one view.

Create your own clear reports, Excel files and prints of:

  • Turnover per week, month or longer periods
  • Customers
  • Customer credits
  • Marketing campaigns

Connect24-7 also develops customized reports for you. Contact us for more information on possibilities to gain even more insight into your sales & management data.



Table mangement & table reservation system

Organize and manage tables in dashboard:

  • Create new floors – floor 1, terrace 1, etc.
  • Create new tables
  • Choose dimensions of table, orientation and number of persons/tables
  • Place tables on the required position on concerned floor by moving table with mouse or finger
  • Use table overview in POS system by placing orders on it, combining tables with large groups or moving customers to other table or floor

Organise and manage table reservation in dashboard:

  • When the Connect24-7 table reservation module is activated on your website, table reservations by customers - date/time/number of persons - will be sent to the dashboard and/or POS system
  • In this case you will have name, e-mail address and phone number of customer
  • You can allocate this reservation to a specific table at the table plan – automatically an e-mail is sent to customer that table is reserved
  • When you receive a table reservation by phone you enter the details quickly on your smartphone, laptop or POS system
  • You decide the maximum number of tables you offer via your own website – you have the same control over the total number of tables for reservations by phone
  • Optionally you can offer a certain number of tables per day with discount via your own website in order to optimise restaurant and kitchen capacity utilisation on less crowded days – promotion also possible via different partner like
  • Both in dashboard as POS system tables are shown in different colours indicating reservation status: new, confirmed, arrived, waiting, cancelled and no-show
  • No-shows can be put on your blacklist
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Specific conditions of your webshop – take-away and/or delivery

Consumer is used to buy tickets, hotels and apparel online in webshops. 30% of consumers prefers to order his/her meal online.

You can easily enter your conditions for take-away and/or delivery of your products via the webshop:

  • Opening hours of webshop including preparation times – take-away and/or delivery
    Indicate until which time customers can order, taking along preparation and cooking time of concerned products and maximum order time for specific volumes for timely delivery – for instance you can set large volumes need to be ordered minimum 1 day in advance
  • Discount percentages only valid in your own webshop rewarding your customers for stimulating less handling in your business:
    • To be defined specifically per delivery type: for instance 10% at take-away and 5% for delivery
    • You can block specific categories of products for example promo menus or other promotions
    • Specific discount per individual customer can be defined
  • Sales tax rates per product and type of delivery – consumption in restaurant, take-away, delivery
  • Delivery:
    • Postcodes or delivery zone – sandwich bars also via routes
    • Minimal order amount for free delivery and/or delivery cost per postcode
    • Type of payment at delivery: online payment (obligatory or not) and/or payment via mobile payment terminal
  • Picture to be uploaded per product
  • Invoicing details – optional
    Manage requests for payment via invoicing and manage automated or manual invoicing of customers
  • Group & credit apps conditions – optional
    Manage group orders and/or customer credits
    • professional application for sandwich bars, delishops and restaurants delivering to companies and organisations - possibility to set type of payment and possible monthly credit per individual company or group of colleagues
    • Marketing tool for take-away restaurants stimulating group orders by friends


Seamless integration of sales & management apps

By carefully listening to many hundreds of customers Connect24-7 has developed an integrated and modular apps platform complying with the demands and needs of users. Users are you, your staff and highly valued customers. The platform enables you to make all the relevant connections via the easy-to-use dashboard. We support you to work as efficient as possible and save on lost time and money by working with isolated products and services which you currently use or will use soon. Because of the technology lead of integrated apps by Connect24-7 you are sure that you will not waste any additional time or costs. Not now and not in the future. You choose which apps you will use. Based on the success stories of our customers it proves that every day not worked with the Connect24-7 system means a day of loss.

The dashboard is the management app allowing you to have optimal insight in your business and manage several sales apps on your smartphone, tablet or PC:


E-mail campaigns

Send e-mail campaigns to customers and people interested in your business in conformity with European legislation based on specific selection criteria, for example an e-mail with selection of new red wines only to customers who once have bought red wine. Targeted communication on favorite products resulting in improved customer relations – no spam!


Your personal dashboard in the cloud

Your personal dashboard is located in the Cloud on your own secured ‘cloud’ – you will always and everywhere have access to your personal data via Chrome web browser on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Always have a back-up of your data – for example in case of possible theft of POS terminal you will not lose any data, it will be uploaded to your new POS system within seconds.

The use of your dashboard is always exclusively offered regardless of which apps you choose – including hosting, license & support.


Promotions and availability

Easily add promotions in dashboard and define availability:

  • Promo menus – On homepage or other pages of your website, in webshop & POS system
  • Daily, weekly or monthly menus which can be shown on the homepage of your website
    • Reach all your customers with beautiful and intuitive design
    • Daily menu only shows active menus at the day itself and remaining days of the week
    • Preceding days disappear from the promo app
promotion module


European Allergens Legislation as from December 13th 2014

As from December 13th 2014 new European legislation on allergens is applicable. Each business which sells prepared meals to consumers is obliged to inform customer about possible presence of allergens. You can add in your dashboard per product ingredients and possible presence of allergens. Chef or owner quickly adds ingredients on tablet or laptop, highly practical in case of daily or weekly suggestion menus.

Connect24-7 makes sure that all information about possible allergens is easily accessible for staff. No need for training! The WaiterAPP – enabling staff to enter orders on standard handhelds – shows relevant information per individual product. WaiterAPP is the winner of innovation award of the Horeca Expo 2014.

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