Table reservation system

Tafel reservatie systeem

Outperform review sites, and get your valuable customers to go to your own website with our support tools! Consumers are increasingly skipping on cooking for themselves. Busy job, family or they just don’t feel like it. Business people wish to quickly reserve a table during precious lunch time. Facilitate easy & quick table reservation for groups of friends or loved ones. Seduce them with your cooking, ambience and available tables!

Telephone reservations

Telephone reservations

Manage telephone table reservations of customers easily – more control, less waste of time and you are able to keep track of your agenda everywhere, since it is at your disposal at all times via your smarthphone or tablet!

  • You manage table reservations easily via your dashboard at laptop, tablet or smartphone next to the POS system or integrated in Connect24-7 POS terminal
  • When receiving a telephone reservation you add data of customer directly into the system – name, phone number and possible e-mail address for direct or later confirmation via e-mail
  • You choose whether you want to allocate tables directly to a specific table, or if you want to do this at a later time, for example when you have a more complete overview of customers
  • Tables on table plan in POS cash register light up when a table is reserved or confirmed
  • Table reservations are managed 24-7 and from any place via the dashboard on your smartphone
Reservatie module op eigen website

Reservation via website

Reservation module via website

As from 2015 40% of all table reservation will be placed via smartphone. Connect24-7 integrates user-friendly reservation module on your own website. Customers can easily place reservations on your website via their smartphone or PC.

  • You decide on the maximum number of tables, time slots of tables, etc. which you want to offer via your website – you can easily adapt this via your personal back-office dashboard
  • Customers fill in their personal data so you expand your customer database:
    • Reservation data: date, time and number of persons
    • Customer data: name, telephone number, e-mail address and possible dietary requirements or allergens sensitivity
  • Reservations via your website are received in clear overview in your dashboard or directly in POS terminal
  • You allocate reservation easily to ‘reserved tables’ or to a specific table and therefore the reservation is automatically and definitively confirmed to your customer.

If required you can offer a specific number of tables per day with discount via your own website in order to optimize your kitchen capacity on certain less busy days – promotion via partners like You can also have suggestion or promotion menus directly ordered through reservation via website. Contact us for more information.

Connect24-7 offers personalised websites which are attractive and clear on all PCs, tablets and smartphones. In case you already have a stylish and responsive website, we can integrate the table reservation module on your existing website.

Tafel reservatie beheer

Manage table reservations

Organise and manage table reservations in your dashboard

Have more control over your table reservations, lose less time and keep your reservation agenda everywhere at your disposal via your smartphone or tablet!

  • You manage your table reservations on 1 screen – in your dashboard at your smartphone or laptop PC and/or at the POS terminal
  • Both telephone and website reservations from customers can be quickly allocated to tables
  • When required tables in dashboard and POS system automatically get a colour highlighting status of table :
    • New – grey
    • Confirmed – dark blue
    • At location – green
    • Waiting – light blue
    • Cancelled – orange
    • No-show - red
Tafel Beheer

Manage tables

Organise and manage tables in your dashboard

  • Make new tables
  • Choose dimensions of table, location of table and number of persons/chairs
  • Put table at location in concerned space by simply moving table with your computer mouse or finger
  • Make different ‘floors’- room 1, terrace 1, etc.
  • You use tables in POS system by placing orders on it or moving customers to other ‘floor’or table
  • Also reserve tables directly at POS system or via dashboard at your laptop or smartphone

More info can be found here.


Advertisements & Promotions


When connecting the table reservation system with your POS system you can send targeted e-mails to customers with specific favorite products, for example send a newsletter about new selection of red wines to only customers who consumed red wine. More information about e-mail module can be found here.

Advertising via partners

Advertising for your website and table reservations via partners like – completely free and exclusively for Connect24-7 partners.

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