Why you choose POSGARD

POSGARD makes certain relevant sales apps and your personal management dashboard integrates seamlessly into the professional POS system. Our team of IT & marketing experts in partnership with local resellers provide you 24-7 support. The customer is always in the centre of our attention. Below you will find our strengths why you choose POSGARD!

Strengths of our system

Modular & Integrated

POSGARD provides a fully modular & integrated system, you choose and use required features which you expect from a modern system. Your life will be less stressed and especially at the end of the month you will notice: more turnover with less costs!


POSGARD is market leader in POS systems with integrated sales apps & management dashboard, active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and UK. POSGARD commits to the new customer experience and further professionalisation of your restaurant & food shop.

POSGARD offers her customers 6 strengths:

  • Easy and user-friendly use of the system of sales & management apps on smartphones, tablets & PCs
  • Professional & customer orientated POS system with excellent price-quality balance
  • Fast delivery possible – dependent how quickly you have all relevant data in place
  • You remain in control of hardware and software – with support of local hub experts
  • Advice on profitability and customers with clear and detailed data and reports in your personal dashboard
  • POSGARD team working hard & smart for customers all week long

Customer orientated

In your concept customer and her experience is the centre of attention. POSGARD provides you customer orientated commerce which supports you with consumer orientated sales apps and an easy-to-use back-office management dashboard which offers you fast insight in & follow-up of sales & customer data.


POSGARD is the one and only true All-in-1 Pack. The pack consists of the POSGARD sales & management apps. An app or application is a tool or module which is developed based on the feedback and requirements of our customers.

Future of today

Whatever POS system or sales app you choose, make sure that the POS system and software is ready for the future of today. POSGARD POS systems guarantee that your investment retains its value. Even after the POS system will disappear in the form we currently know it because of ever more rapidly evolving technological developments and already changing customers’ requirements & habits. Make sure that you turn these developments into commercial opportunities. Please be aware that consumer will use their smartphone more and more to order, reserve, saving points and pay. Customers of market leader POSGARD already are successfully using these systems at daily basis! Check some of our customers.

Smartphone friendly

All sales & management apps are easy-to-use on all smartphones, tablets and PCs.


The POSGARD hardware and software:

  • Is easy and intuitive to use
  • Serves you and your staff, not the other way round


Visitors and customers prefer to be seduced by a visual and moving story. Qualitative pictures or videos convince and lead to more sales. Buy a professional camera in combination with strong warm and/or cold lighting coming from 3 directions or rent a professional photographer to make a nice and stylish photo and/or video shoot of your meals, products, interior and preferably of your staff & customers in action.


Remote support

Majority of hardware and software support can be offered from our head office or one of our local hubs – via telephone and so-called remote control technology Teamviewer. Big advantage is that a possible issue can be solved within 5 minutes. Especially when a PC or printer is out of warranty this can save you money.

When you buy our premium touchscreen POS systems you automatically are offered omnium warranty for up to 5 years depending on the model.

Phone support

Especially if you start working with a new POS or sales system you need excellent support in order to get to know the details how to work with the system. POSGARD offers dedicated support at the moments you really need it.

Of course we are available for your questions on our products and service, for example for adding changes or for additional training.

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