Spoil the right customers at the right moment

Spoil the right customers at the right moment

Know & approach your customers really well with your own loyalty customer cards and other sales apps

When you offer your own loyalty customer cards, and especially in combination with a webshop or table reservation system at your own website, you will gather lots of relevant information of your customers. In case these sales apps are connected with your ePOS system, than al this data becomes truely valuable. The Connect24-7 software, in particular the YouTagWeTag tool, enables you to communicate 1-on-1 with specific customer groups. With the information they really like to receive from you, for example regarding the new selection red wines or a new meal with cheese.

Approach your customers with a unique and personalised offering especially relevant for them: a birthday promotion at the right date, a discount when a customer has not bought anything for over 3 months, an additional discount for the 5% most loyal customers, etc. Contact us now for a meeting on the opportunities of your ePOS system and which sales apps are optimal for your situation.

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