Modular and omni-channel

Modular & omni-channel

Choose & connect the required modules with the modular omni-channel software specifically for restaurants, food shops & retail chains.

Food professionals choose for the omni-channel approach in order to develop the optimal value for their business. Omni-channel means that you fine-tune different software and hardware in your business via all possible online and offline sales channels: in your business, online and via the customers’ smartphones. Realise the following results:

  • Be more focused on the customers’ requirements
  • Allow your staff to work with even more fun
  • More revenues with less costs

For instance we make sure that your loyalty customer cards function both in ePOS as in your webshop! Or your table reservations can be managed and followed upon at your smartphone and at the ePOS.

The Connect24-7 support tools guide you to evolve from store-focused towards customer-focused.

The independant support tools for your business!
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