Customer cards system


Loyal customers buy more and more often. The Connect24-7 customer cards system supports your business by stimulating sales and increasing your customer base


Luxurious business cards

In order to reward your customers for their loyalty and to stimulate their return and increase their overall spending, the customer cards system is regarded as most accepted marketing tool. Customer cards can be compared with luxurious business cards personalised to your own branding. It’s the new way of marketing. On average 40% of customers is using the customer card! Compared to advertisements in magazines and newspapers, flyers or brochures this way of loyalty promotion is most valued by consumer. Customers save points or discounts with each order in-store by getting their customer card scanned at POS terminal but also for example through orders via the webshop.

Individual customer profile on your website

Individueel klantenprofiel op uw website

Customers are able to register their own customer card via your own website. Ultimate ease-of-use for customer! Customers save points or discounts of your own created loyalty promotion campaign with each order in webshop but also in-store by getting their customer card scanned at checkout at POS terminal. Connect24-7 has proprietarily developed the system and integrated in the dashboard, webshop and POS system so you can check everywhere how many points or discount have been saved. Customers can check themselves via your website.

Webshop orders

Webshop orders

Every customer card has its unique code which customer uses to identify in your webshop. One-time registration of customer card code to the personal profile of the customer in webshop makes sure that the customer does not even have to use their customer card anymore. When logged in, points or discounts will be rewarded automatically to each of your customers orders. Ultimate ease-of-use for customer! Customers are able to saves points or discounts of your own created loyalty promotion campaign with each order in webshop as well as in-store by getting customer card scanned at checkout at POS system. The customer cards system is integrated in multiple sales channels (omni-channel).

Voordelen voor uw zaak

Benefits for your business

Benefits for your business

Connect24-7 offers you your own personalised customer cards which are you can use easily to run your own customer loyalty program. By giving your customers a customer card enabling them to save points or discounts, you stimulate them to visit your business more often and spend more. You choose to reward all purchases, or specifically only table consumptions and/or take-away meals. Therefore the follow-up of the choices of your customers will improve, which will lead to an optimized targetisation of newsletters to your customers. You could send an e-mail twice a year containing information on the new selection of red wines to all customers who have consumed red wine. It is important to communicate with customers so they see your e-mail as valuable and not as spam.

Additional benefit of customer cards is that the same customer card can be used by consumer at all partners of Connect24-7 and partners like Important: customer can only receive discount at your business with points or discounts saved in your business!

Voordelen voor de klant

Benefits for customer

Benefits for customer

Connect24-7 customer cards which are personalised based on your branding, offer customer delicious benefits at your business. Customer cards look like luxurious business cards and each customer card has a unique QR code per customer. Customer receives customer cards at restaurants and food shops marked with customer card icon in overview on

- Save automatically points or discounts

When you have a customer card, you can fill in your unique code when registering on the website of concerned restaurant or food shop. When placing an online or mobile reservation or order you never have to take your customer card anymore: code is then automatically linked to your customer profile on the website of restaurant or food shop. Or you take customer card with you to the restaurant or food shop and scan the card at the POS system to save points or discounts.

- Save honestly

Restaurant or food shop offers you a customer card which they run themselves, for example 10 purchases, 11th purchase you receive 50% discount on the average purchase amount of first 10 purchases. This customer loyalty program is accepted as most honest program both by consumers as by food shops. The more you buy, the more discount you receive!

- One customer card for multiple food shops

Of course you can use the same customer card at all restaurants and food shops which work with the Connect24-7 customer card system. After the first registration per individual food shop you will have all convenience! Know that you save points or discounts per individual restaurant & food shop. Saved points or discounts need to be exchanged for discount in concerned restaurant or food shop.

- Targeted promotions

You don’t have to fill in your personal customer profile when registering. When you enter your e-mail address during the registration of customer card, the restaurant or food shop is able to sent you targeted information – no spam – about new selection of red wine, valentine & christmas menu or interesting promotion of your favorite meal. Restaurants, food shops and Connect24-7 treat all data in conformity with European Legislation on communication and storage of customer data. Your personal data will never be exchanged with third parties or partners. Please contact us for more information.

Your own payment method

Your own payment method

Customer card is also used as payment method. Customer can load lunch or VIP credit on customer card via cash payment at the POS terminal or via bank transfer or online payment via your website. You or your staff are then easily able to reload concerned credit at the customer card – possibly with additional credit as you might reward prepaid payment by customer. The customer simply has to show their customer card with every purchase at the POS terminal which is scanned by staff or customer fills in individual customer code in webshop at checkout. The order amount for both in-store as online orders is automatically deducted from the customer card credit of customer.

The customer card can also be used as ID card, for example in bars and on events. Contact us for more information.




If you connect the customer cards system with your POS system you can send targeted e-mails to customers with interest in specific favorite products. For example sending a newsletter about the new selection of red wines, only to customers which have consumed red wine before. More information about e-mail module your will find here.

Advertisement with partners

Advertisment and promotion for your customer cards, website and webshop via partners like – completely free and exclusive for Connect24-7 partners.

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