Connect24-7 and our resellers design stylish and clear design supporting your successful advertising of your website, promotions and takeaway and/or delivery service:

  • Website - SEO
    Stylish, informative websites which are easily found on Google and look great on all PCs, tablets and smartphones –the successful Connect24-7 sales & management apps are easy to integrate: table reservations, webshop, customer cards, payments, group & credit modules, etc.
  • Customer cards
    Personalised customer cards in your own brand identity - equipped with unique QR codes for individual customers
  • FoOodMan
    Promotion of your website, table reservations, webshop and customers cards via - completely free and exclusive for Connect24-7 partners
  • Logo design
    Based on the type of your business and requirements stylish company logos are designed - including commercial rights
  • Premium business cards & flyers
    Premium business cards and flyers in conformity with your branding

If you are looking for design, lay-out and printing of your menu, for example for the menu in your restaurant or flyers handing out to consumers, we would like to refer you to our local resellers specialised in graphic design.

Search engine advertising - Adwords

Zoekmachine reclame – Adwords

Connect24-7 and our resellers support you with setting up Goodle Adwords or re-targeting campaigns, in case this is valuable for your business. We or our local resellers support you with setting up the campaign, you will take over the budgets and adaptation of the content yourself resulting in no additional costs, or trust this service to the local resellers.

Google Adwords means placing advertisements in Google. This results in even better search results of your business on Google and a strong independent position in the food market.

Re-targeting campaigns means developing and placing banners on websites which your customers are visiting. This results in an even stronger relationship with your customers and in more sales.

E-mail newsletters targeted at specific customers

Based on different analyses of advertising in the market it has been proven that approaching specific targeted customers via e-mail is one of the most successful ones. Receiving promotions via SMS is regarded as too pushy by many customers.

In the Connect24-7 management dashboard you easily can:

  • Compose e-mail newsletters in your own design
  • Make selections of customers who you would like to target with a specific newsletter or promotion - for instance all customers who ordered red wine in order to send a newsletter about the new selection of red wines and
  • Sending e-mails in conformity with European legislation – e-mail with possibility to unsubscribe by receiver – or sending from your own e-mail newsletter program or e-mail address

The advantage of a mobile app vs. sending e-mails is that the customer herself can indicate/set the possibility to receive messages with for example information on promotions valid for a couple of hours. Please contact us for more information about your own mobile app.

Temporary staff

In order to support you with the new, more automated way of working and to differentiate from your competition, local resellers of Connect24-7 offer Digital Campaign Supporters on temporary basis with following possible responsibilities:

  • Providing webshop and/or kiosk demos to customers
  • Organising promotions for your campaign on location
  • Keeping up of your social media with campaign news and pictures
  • Entering telephone orders and customer data in POS system
  • Interviewing customers and staff for making video shoot

Effective advertising?

hat is the best way to calculate which advertising is most economically viable? Use the Connect24-7 dashboard to show this visually:

  • Define an advertising strategy for 1 to 3 months
  • Register how much you spent on advertising and marketing per month
  • Check and list new customers per month – you find this in the dashboard at ‘Orders’
  • Divide the total advertising & marketing costs by the number of new customers – this is the average acquisition cost per customer – you find this in the dashboard at ‘Customers’
  • Follow the orders per customer in your dashboard – mostly in a period of 6 – 24 months
  • This allows you to evaluate the value of the acquisition cost per customer
  • You adjust advertising and marketing spent based on the results

Good luck building your business!

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