Why you choose POSGARD

POSGARD makes certain relevant sales apps and your personal management dashboard integrates seamlessly into the professional POS system. Our team of IT & marketing experts in partnership with local resellers provide you 24-7 support. The customer is always in the centre of our attention. Below you will find our strengths why you choose POSGARD!

Focus on your business

Your new front door

Actual sales – orders or reservations – increasingly takes place via websites and smartphones. The restaurant or food shop gradually shifts from offering a sales channel towards a communication channel. This trend reflects the fact that successful restaurants and food shops are spending much more time at the customer experience and personal approach & targeting of customers. Orders, reservations and payments are executed as much as possible by the customer herself on her smartphone or kiosk in your business to save valuable time for your customers and staff.

It is clear that due to the rapidly evolving technological advancements the POS system in its traditional form and role is changing. POSGARD is the market leader which facilitates this transition already at many hundreds of customers. When you buy a POSGARD POS system you are sure the system is ready for the future of today!


The logo of POSGARD stands for easy ordering, reservation & payment at restaurants & food shops. The logo has been developed and is supported by marketing campaigns so it is easy to recognise. The promotional material – stickers and logo published on the website – is an important add-on to the Visa, MasterCard and other payment & promotional stickers which are placed on doors and windows of storefronts. The POSGARD sticker has a QR code which guides the visitor directly to your website. Easy as they directly can reserve a table or place an order when your restaurant or food shop is not yet open. POSGARD offers you the promotional material and the use of the logo without any cost.


POSGARD supplies easy-to-use POS systems which quickly take and process orders. Sales apps & management dashboard connected to the POS system support you in further professionalization of your business. Offer even more hospitable service to your customers and manage and motivate your staff even more efficiently.


It is important to have consistent branding appearance and communication in order to offer a fantastic customer experience and reliable impression to your customers. Always the same logo, the same colours, the same way of engaging with customers. Everything aligned on each other. We are looking forward supporting you making the right decisions:

  • Reappear your branding – logo, colours, mascot – on website, social media, storefront and interior, flyer, menu or product list, staff apparel, company cars, scooters or cargo bikes
  • Engage with visitors and customers always in the same way, in your restaurant or food shop but also on your website. Guide them in the same way while placing an order
  • Excellent service, hospitality and being a warm & welcoming host to your customers are key values of a successful restaurant and food shop and should be applicable in your entire business

No IT knowledge

I cannot deal with PCs and computers, is that a problem?

First of all, POSGARD apps are very easy-to-use. Also for people who never work with computers. Our experts or local resellers will support you when a POS or sales system is new to you.

More and more people compare online reviews and prices of hotels and flight tickets in order to book the one they are looking for, have contact with friends via Facebook and call via Skype on the PC. When you would like to be up to par with at least 40% of consumers in and outside your neighbourhood, it is essential to invest a bit of time in the new way of doing business. POSGARD support you in this with a user-friendly management dashboard for your smartphone and linked sales apps in order to serve your customers even faster.

Expand your business and therefore boost its value even further based on your own requirements by spending 10 to 20 minutes per week in a fun way with the POSGARD computerised system. POSGARD proves that working with PC, tablet or smartphone can be fun and valuable!

Less stress

Working with the POSGARD sales systems ensures more efficient staff planning, less labour costs and more streamlined sales process. This will result in less stress for staff and yourself.

Tax audit proof

POSGARD offers POS and sales systems allowing you to be ready for any fiscal audit. Keep all administration in order, have no stress.

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