Why you choose POSGARD

POSGARD makes certain relevant sales apps and your personal management dashboard integrates seamlessly into the professional POS system. Our team of IT & marketing experts in partnership with local resellers provide you 24-7 support. The customer is always in the centre of our attention. Below you will find our strengths why you choose POSGARD!

Invest in the future of today

Best service for every budget

You decide how premium or sharp priced we offer you the total system, we always deliver concerned service and support!

When do you choose full service support and when basic service?

  • Full service support: you expect us to take care of everything, from adding the menu or product list, installation at your business, to 24-7 support. Just relax knowing we have your back covered.
  • Basis support: you buy the hardware at best prices but want to be helped in case you need support


Investing in your business

Customer experience already starts outside of your business: consumer is looking on her smartphone for the closest restaurant or food shop, you make sure she quickly finds you. Consumer wants to know which products are available, possibly she reserves or orders already at the first visit to your website. Consider your website with reservation system and/or webshop as part of your interior. How quickly do your win back your investment of the interior? Restaurants & food shops that already work with POSGARD know that the investment of the online professional interior is won back quickly in any case.

Businesses which focus more on takeaway meals and delivery at customers’ home or work address might think about the design of the takeaway corner, for example close to the entrance. Make it convenient for the customer while waiting for the order, sell an extra drink and/or snack.

Investing in your future

The smartphone plays an ever increasing important role in our lives. Today the customer scrolls at her smartphone down the menu on your website, tomorrow she reserves a table. Next week she will order & pay a takeaway meal via the smartphone.

A stylish interior is a big investment, you pay rent or mortgage and your accountant and suppliers will send you invoices for their services. To which extent these costs contribute to the overall turnover? As the customer experience is shifting more and more to the smartphone of the customer, it is wise your business looks great on the different screens of consumers. POSGARD ensures smart investment in the right hardware and connected sales & management apps for your business: more sales via different sales channels and less costs because of more efficient operations.

No surprises

When you choose the POSGARD POS system and linked sales & management apps you will not be confronted with surprises. Prices and tariffs are communicated clearly and transparent.

The support & license fee for the software consists of all costs: software, maintenance, updates, support, service and hosting. You can change all data and information yourself via your personal dashboard. 1 back-office dashboard for all add-ons and adaptations. All costs are foreseen, no additional costs or surprises.

Buy vs. rent?

Buying a POS system is an investment you do not make on a yearly basis. Prices of hardware has decreased considerably in the past years resulting in a lower one-time investment amount. Do you think whether or not to rent a POS system? Know that most of the POS systems offered for rent are outdated systems. You pay 2 times more than the depreciation of the POS system. This means that you pay twice as much for a renting POS system in a 3 to 4 years period than buying a new POS system at POSGARD. Because we already offer professional new POS systems as from Eur 990,- we do not offer rental POS systems.

Saving costs by working together

Smart food shops work together with suppliers, partners, companies, customers and other food shops. In this way costs are saved and the food shop can focus and excel in the activities it is good at. Cost saving results in more profit and more budget for further investments.

You are a modern entrepreneur and realise that majority of your customers and consumers more and more use smartphone and PC: reserve tables, look at your menu online, place an order.

Do yo work together with OpenTable, BookaTable, Yell.com or other platforms offering table reservation or digital listings to be more visible online? Do you pay £ 900,- per year to be on one of these platforms and maybe to have a standard website?

Do you pay next to this a yearly maintenance contract for your POS systems, the same for your website which in many cases is not optimised to be smartphone friendly?

Have you been approached by a platform which organises table reservations for you, but asks for a monthly fee and/or Eur 1 per reservation?

Adding this up you easily pay Eur 130 – 150 per month! And worse is that the different systems and modules are NOT INTEGRATED!! Working with different systems results in too much manual work. Next to this you see that many features are lacking with current suppliers of individual systems and modules.

POSGARD offers a modular and integrated sales & management system for Eur 25 – 75 per month depending on the number of apps you prefer to use. This All-in-1 system allows you to run your business, customers and staff. Use your smartphone to check your sales, customer reservations and staff’s activities.

Old POS terminal

Most POS cash registers and POS systems in the market are not usable anymore for professional use in Europe. In order to provide you a good destination for your current POS system in case it is out-dated, we offer you the possibility to deliver your POS system with us. We will send a batch of POS systems and printers to Africa where they will get a 2nd life.

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