Responsive design


Appealing design on all PCs and smartphones

More information on the characteristics of responsive design:

  • Super flexible
    The content and design of each responsive webshop adapts itself based on the screen sizes of the device which is used to visit the webshop. Our technology is supported by all relevant internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, InternetExplorer 8 and higher, etc.). On a smartphone all texts and modules are shown beneath each other. On a PC more content is shown at once on the bigger screen.

  • Excellent user experience
    Big advantage of responsive design is that the user can quickly find the right information and can search for content intuitively. Mobile user-friendliness with familiar website navigation. Resulting in less scrolling and re-sizing of screen. This enabels the user to search content with great ease, with the top of one finger. Responsive webshop is easier to share with friends via social media and offers best interaction with customers.

  • Cost effective
    For the price of 1 webshop you will have a webshop specialised in food products plus a webshop optimalised for tablets and smartphones. Thus providing a great alternative for the development of native mobile apps, for as long as you wish to postpone it. Development of an own mobile application as alternative to a website is not (yet) worthwhile as most consumers will not download an app for a local restaurant or food shop. Please contact us to see whether this is applicable for your business.
    If you are planning on promoting your business at Google with specific search words, maintaining one webshop will be optimal, as it will save you worktime and results in lower costs.

  • Recommended by search engines like Google
    It is important to be found quickly by customers and consumers. Customers search online for your company name. Furthermore consumers are searching for specific search words like ‘Restaurant Brussels’, ‘Sandwiches London’, ‘TexMex Amsterdam’, ‘Sushi Antwerp’or ‘Pizza Berlin’. Depending on the quality of your webshop but also based on your own promotional activities for the webshop, it will be weeks if not months untill your company will be found swiftly online through search words that are vital for your business. Responsive webshop will get a higher SEO – search engine optimalisation – score at Google and other search engines. SEO score of your business will improve considerably with a Connect24-7 website with linked webshop and/or table reservation system. It will boost your website with dynamic content which you manage yourself via your personal dashboard.

  • Future proof & competitive advantage
    When your professional webshop is developed by Connect24-7, you are ensured to have a webshop ready for the future of today. You guarantee your customers that they can easily find information and place an order and/or reservation via your website. Differentiate yourself from your competitors now!
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