Payment terminals and POS connections

Payment terminals

Connect24-7 negotiates competitive prices for both payment terminals as tariffs of customer payments. Connect24-7 is one of the companies stimulating payment providers to offer transparent and honest pricing. At this moment Connect24-7 offers payment terminals of global players in different countries.


Integrated IPP350 payment terminal

The fully integrated payment terminal offers more convenience and less mistakes. This payment terminal is securely connected to the internet and connected with your POS system. The payment terminal only consists of a customer-orientated device used by the customer to enter her pin code. When you enter payment method “PIN” in the checkout page of the POS system, the order amount is sent to the payment terminal and the customer can start entering her pin code. After acceptance and finalisation of the transaction the POS system is printing the POS receipt including the payment confirmation. All order details are mentioned on one receipt.

Advantages of the IPP350

  • Suitable for direct integration with the Connect24-7 POS system
  • Without standalone feature
  • Without ticket printer
  • Colour screen
  • Communication via ethernet - TCP/IP
  • Contactless enabled payment – NFC

Independent payment terminals ICT220 and ICT250

The independently operating payment terminal can work without POS connection. This payment terminal consists of one device with integrated thermal ticket printer and works via internet connection. You can enter the order amount in the payment terminal and give it to the customer to enter her card and pin code. When the transaction is finalised the payment confirmation is printed in the payment terminal which can be given to the customer. This payment terminal is available in two types, a basic model and a model which is NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled for contactless payments with colour screen.

Advantages of the ICT220

  • Standalone payment terminal
  • Integration within POS system possible
  • Compact design
  • Black/White screen
  • Integrated ticket printer
  • Communication via internet – TCP/IP

Advantages of the ICT250

  • Standalone payment terminal
  • Integration within POS system possible
  • Compact design
  • Colour screen
  • Integrated ticket printer
  • Contactless enabled payment – NFC
  • Communication via internet – TCP/IP

Mobile payment terminals IWL250

Would you like to offer customers payment at the table? Or would you like to use the payment terminal at a location without internet? In this case the mobile payment terminal IWL250 is suitable for your operations. It works via both GPRS as via internet. To be used everywhere depending on coverage of mobile provider.

Advantages of the IWL250

  • Standalone payment terminal
  • Suitable for many mobile applications
  • Colour screen
  • Integrated ticket printer with large capacity
  • Data communication - SIM
  • Communication via internet – TCP/IP and GPRS
  • Contactless enabled payment – NFC
  • Integration within POS system possible

Scherpe tarieven

The payment terminals can be purchased or rented. Connnect24-7 and its partners have negotiated competitive tariffs for you.

When you already have a payment terminal of Verifone or SagePay or another supplier it is worthwhile to switch to the payment terminal of Connect24-7 when you process more than 3 transactions per day. Most payment terminal suppliers charge 14 – 20p /transaction and higher credit card percentages from 1,2 – 2,75%. If you have any questions on the high transaction costs and would like to know where the margins are: please contact your current payment terminal provider.

Bancontact€ 0,12 /transactiePin€ 0,05 – 0,07 /transactie (via uw bank)


A matching robust security stand to be fixed on a desk is available for £ 55,-

  • Payment terminal draws more attention
  • More secure & robust operation
  • Customer can pay with more convenience

POS connection

The payment terminal is connected to the Connect24-7 POS system if required. Why connecting the payment terminal to the POS system?

  • Automated communication of order amount to the payment terminal – no manual handling of entering amount in terminal
  • Save time and possible mistakes
  • Fast feedback whether transaction is accepted or not and automatically processed in your administration

Payment terminal service contract

Would you like to be assured of fast and affordable service for your payment terminal than you can choose between two types of service contracts provided by our payment partners:

Service Carry-in

  • Professional helpdesk service by experienced specialists
  • Available from Monday – Friday from 9.00 MA – 6.00 PM
  • Available Saturday from 8.00 AM – 5.00PM
  • No hassle exchange service – Swap
  • Carry-in Repair

Service All-In

  • Professional helpdesk service by experienced specialists
  • Repair at your location
  • Count on our 24-hour response time
  • Hardware and labour costs included

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