Customer screen

Customer screen

Customer screen

Inform your customers – show personal text, promotions, payment information, price per product and total price

Most effective way of informing customers about products and prices to be purchased is the customer screen. This used to be a customer display only showing products and prices.

The customer screen is showing the shopping cart with chosen products in case a customer places an order at the point-of-sale (POS).

When the customer wishes to pay with her smartphone, the QR codes of mobile payment providers are shown on the screen. As these payments are competitively prices for you, these payments are promoted with advertisements in the presentation on the customer screen.

Next to this the customer screen allows you to upload the required suggestions and promotions. You can hire a graphic designer to produce these designs in conformity with your branding.

We can show personalized messages to specific customers, for example only that promotion to customers who order a specific category of products. When a customer orders a pizza suggesting chicken wings or when she buys cheese a matching bottle of wine. This is without doubt the future of shopping – a personal approach and experience for the customer! We support you on this.

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