Delivery service

Delivery services

Delivery service

Organize automatically deliveries to the customer via our automated delivery platform. Customer orders a product in your webshop or you manually enter the delivery in the POS system or tablet. The delivery platform organises the relevant and reliable courier for your product. The courier picks up the packaged product to deliver it in the requested timeslot at the customer. Target an increased range of customers in your region by using the delivery service platform.

Do you delivery yourself? Outsourcing deliveries to our delivery platform linked to your webshop and POS system or tablet might result in a possible cost saving in your overall costs.


Connect24-7 offers businesses operating own couriers the Courier APP in order to:

  • Optimise deliveries and routes – organising multiple deliveries in one delivery round
  • Track&trace of couriers
  • Save petrol and labour costs and offer more in-time deliveries and fewer mistakes

More happy customers and good online reviews!

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