Order Tablets

Order Tablets

Order Tablets

Restaurants willing to offer their customers a new way of dining can use the Order Tablets in order to provide their customers a fun experience: specific groups or precisely all customers receive a tablet at arrival in the restaurant which can be used to place orders.

More time for the customer

You can choose only drinks or only meals, or both for example in an all-you-can-eat formula. Restaurants already working with Order Tablets notice that staff has more time to play to be a great host for the customers. Time consuming orders are placed by the customers themselves. Resulting in more time for customer loyalty! Because tablets are becoming less expensive this system is becoming interesting, especially for serving large groups.

Professional WIFI network

As customers rely on fast follow-up of placed orders it is essential to have a professional WIFI network in your restaurant. The tablets need to be able to send orders to the kitchen without any failure. Nowadays a professional WIFI network has become a standard job for professional suppliers. Contact one of our local partners.

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