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Connect24-7 is a well-respected partner of most important premium producers of thermal receipt and label printers. Latest POS printing technology is offered for competitive prices and outstanding guarantee & service to our customers.

Thermal receipt printers are used to inkless print customer and kitchen tickets. Label printers are used to print labels/stickers with indication of the name of the product, the price, your business name, possibly the name of the customer, etc. The text is printed via thermal transfer. This type of printer works inkless and maintenance free. Make sure to use environmentally friendly - BPA free - paper rolls in order to prevent release of any possible harmful substances. You can order your paper rolls via our webshop or webshops specialised in paper rolls.

BPA free print

Receipt printers:

  • Orient BTP-R580 II
  • Orient BTP-R880
  • Epson TM-T20
  • Epson TM-T20II
  • Epson TM-T88 IV-V
  • Citizen S851
  • Citizen S651
  • Star TSP100


  • Orient BTP-L540
  • SNBC BTP-L540
  • Zebra GK 420d
  • Zebra LP2844
  • Brother QL-560
  • Brother QL-570
Orient BTP-R580IIprinter snbc
Epson TM-T20IIOrient
Label printer

In order to save costs at this moment it could be interesting to use your current printers. Please keep in mind when a printer has been used for a long period, the thermal printing head or paper cutter which cuts off the paper needs to be replaced soon. The costs of a repair are often higher than the price of a new printer at Connect24-7. The excellent Connect24-7 hardware support and service also provided by resellers are offered to the customers who by the hardware at Connect24-7 and its resellers.

The conditions for connection with your current printers:

  • Concerned printer should be mentioned in above list of approved printers and should be in reasonable state in order to make its operations profitable
  • One-time installation cost including labour and expenses is charged – maximum 30 minutes spent. When it is not possible to connect the printer within 30 minutes than Connect24-7 offers quality printers for competitive prices
  • You need to contact the supplier of the current printer hardware and the final (network) connection to the Connect24-7 software for guarantee and service on products concerned

When you would like to connect printers to a tablet-PC (like the Connect10, the HP Elitepad, or the Windows Surface3) than this needs to be done via a professionally installed internal network with the Connect24-7 router connected to your internet modem:

  • The docking station of your tablet is connected in most optimal situation via an UTP cable to your internal network/router. Your tablet can also be connected via your internal network via WIFI. Note that it is necessary to operate a 100% stable WIFI network in order to print the order to the receipt printer with certainty. Take into account that micro-ovens and other kitchen equipment can disrupt your WIFI signal.
  • The connection of the printer with the network/router runs via an Ethernet/UTP cable – the printer needs to have an Ethernet/UTP connector on which the cable can be connected
  • The best operating ethernet and WIFI networks are installed by professional companies with WIFI enhancers at most optimal locations in your business. Have a look in the overview of partners which install professional networks.

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