The WaiterAPP is an easy-to-use and affordable solution to quickly take orders of customers and provide information on possible presence of allergens


Mandatory communication on possible allergens

Restaurants & food shops are more and more confronted with questions by customers on ingredients and allergens. New European allergens Legislation, which came into effect December 13th 2014, enforces food entrepreneurs to inform their customers on possible presence of possible allergens in meals and products. Information is advised to be shown in writing, at least is communicated verbally. This benefits consumer safety but leads to more costs & risks for restaurant and staff if not organised wisely.

WaiterAPP makes sure your restaurant or food shop complies with the new Legislation and is based on advised procedures of the Food Safety agency.

Connect24-7 supports your staff to communicate all relevant allergens information to customers both verbally as in writing. At the same time WaiterAPP guarantees staff training in a fast and fun way. WaiterAPP can also be used in industrial kitchens, catering operations or used as temporary POS system when customer waiting queues are high. Customers prefer to wait for preparation of the food instead of waiting for placing an order!

Connect24-7´s WaiterAPP has been awarded the Horeca Expo innovation award 2014.

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How does the WaiterAPP exactly work?

  • Staff serves tables quickly with WaiterAPP software on basic handhelds – guiding staff to make sure important questions are asked ´ice or straw with drinks´, ‘steak doneness: rare to well´, etc. in order to optimize staff and kitchen work planning.
  • Quick access to relevant information on meals, products and menu´s: which are the ingredients and possible presence of one of 14 allergens? Because when taking orders it´s the moment to speak about allergens.
  • Table orders are received directly on tablet-PC or in POS system and printed in kitchen.
  • Products and prices in WaiterAPP are loaded automatically from your personal dashboard which is easily managed by chef and/or manager.
  • Daily & suggestion menus with ingredients and possible allergens can be displayed directly on own website. Always up-to-date information available to customers.
  • Daily & suggestion menus are easy to manage – chef can follow own recipes and keep excelling at her/his creativity with available ingredients.

So 6 advantages in 1 blow! One solution for more convenience and less risk for customers and staff.



The WaiterAPP is optimalized to be used on affordable smartphones – available online or at your local electronics shop as from Eur 99. This is a great alternative for the existing handhelds in hospitality ranging in price as from Eur 600 till Eur 1.500. Connect24-7 installs the WaiterAPP software on the smartphone(s) charged for a one-time installation, license and support fee of Eur 150 per handheld. Software is quickly uploaded from APPStore.

Many restaurants do not want their staff to take customers’ orders on their own smartphones preventing them using Facebook and other APPs during work. Advantage of smartphones owned by the restaurant is that you decide whether WaiterAPP is the only app allowed to be used to optimize the customer experience of your customers.

Connect24-7 advises following smartphones for using WaiterAPP:

  • Nokia Lumia 630 of 635 – 4,5” screen
  • Nokia Lumia 1320 – 6” screen – bigger screen that looks less like a smartphone

For a good usage of WaiterAPP a professional Wifi network should be installed in your business and/or terrace – separate from the Wifi network for you customers. This professional Wifi network needs to be connected with the same router/modem as the POS terminal or tablet is connected with in order to receive the orders properly. When you have a large business, many different rooms or a terrace we highly recommend professional Wifi extenders. A professional network installation company operates devices to measure and install the optimal Wifi network in your business.

How does it work


1. Entering order


2. Selecting product


3. Product details – allergens – serving advice

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