Connect24-7 has developed the POS software, sales apps & back-office management dashboard based on the practical requirements from restaurants & food shops. Choose here your segment and find the top 5 of most sold products, apps and services in your segment. You choose the products and features which are right for your business, for example the right POS system with connected back-office management dashboard and website. Right now or in the future you can easily and at your own pace add new apps and services. Benefit from the modular & integrated Connect24-7 concept which is ready for the future of today.

The easy-to-use back-office management dashboard which is used for all products, apps & packs is always available for you – on your smartphone, POS system, laptop or tablet. Change easily products, prices, suggestions, tables, opening hours, etc., adaptations or new products will be shown on your POS system & website within 20 seconds. Make clear reports on the performances of your sales, customers and staff with just one click.

  • Click on the individual products and features to see more details and the possibilities
  • On the page of concerned POS system you will find below details of the features, support & possible options. On top you choose for and compare with other POS terminals
  • Click on ‘Products’ in menu on top of each page to get an overview of all products, apps and services
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